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A second year design project that encompassed the design of a community garden space, that would also operate as an office space for the organization, Grow Pittsburgh. The main approach to the design was to incorporate the surrounding environment and neighborhood culture, while still maintaining a sector of the design that would speak to the goals of the client organization. As the surrounding neighborhood of Pittsburgh's North Shore contained a large amount of the city's traditional architecture, it became important that the facade of the design would preserve that culture by mimicking the style on its facade. Meanwhile, in approaching the clients needs and wants, there was a need to introduce the surrounding community to the beauty of preserving nature. It was at this point in the design thought process that it became apparent that such message and ambition of the organization would be best amplified if spoken through the movement of the architecture itself. For this reason, the interior began to shape as though it were the core of a tree, with its bark, becoming the cultural preservation that encompassed such innovation and growth within.

With the staggering of levels and careful placement of openings, the design sought to respect the views and desires of all involved with the center, while still giving a glimpse to the astounding beauty the natural environment contains when cared for.

Architectural Culture, Natural Elements, Garden space + Community Center

Second Year Studio Fall 2016/Carnegie Mellon University_CFA_Architecture